Gun control champion turned lawmaker wants concealed carry ban at events

A member of Moms Demand Action recently appointed to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors is proposing an ordinance to bar legal gun carry at gatherings.

Supervisor Catherine Stefani is pitching as her first law a ban on concealed carry for those attending gatherings of 50 or more in the city such as parades, in parks or rallies, the San Francisco Examiner reported. Stefani, through her work as a gun control advocate, is against national concealed carry reciprocity and told the Examiner “concealed carry and guns have caused enough damage in this country altogether.”

Her proposal would exempt law enforcement and the military but otherwise lawful concealed carriers found in violation would face a $1,000 fine and six months in jail for the misdemeanor crime. Those who come within 500 feet of a qualifying event would be subject to the gun ban.

A self-professed anti-gun activist, county clerk and former prosecutor, Stefani is a longtime member of Moms Demand Action. She came to the board this year but is familiar with the body, having formerly worked as a legislative aide for member Mark Farrell, who in turn appointed Stefani to fill his former seat when he became mayor last month. Farrell has something of a track record of his own when it comes to gun control as he was the driving force behind an ordinance that forced the last gun store in the city out of business in 2015 and has backed mandatory gun lock laws.

Stefani is running for election in November to keep her position on the board.

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