KCK police investigating self-defense shooting

Kansas City police — on the Kansas side — are investing whether or not the shooting death of a man at his ex-fiancé’s home Saturday night was done in self-defense, the Kansas City Star reported.

Misty Bartlett, 43, told reporters that Jarrod O’Donnell, 48, shattered the glass on the sliding door to her house while she, her eight-year-old son and her friend were watching a movie. O’Donnell attacked Bartlett and that led to her friend shooting O’Donnell.

Bartlett said the attack was fueled, in part, by jealousy and that when O’Donnell attacked her, he accused her of cheating even though they were no longer together. The friend who shot O’Donnell had been a source of comfort to Bartlett after she ended her three-year relationship with O’Donnell.

She told reporters that she warned O’Donnell as he attacked her that police were on their way, but she recalled him saying “I don’t care. I’m going to kill you.” Her friend ran up stairs where he kept a gun. O’Donnell pushed Bartlett down and followed him. Then, after she ran outside with her son, they heard the gunshot.

She said her friend came outside and explained what had happened. He said O’Donnell started choking him and he shot O’Donnell in the abdomen. Bartlett said that if not for her friend, “I think I would’ve been dead.”

Police said O’Donnell died of multiple gunshot wounds. Although they’re still investigating the matter, the initial details point to a self-defense shooting.

[ The Kansas City Star ]

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