Sig Sauer MPX gets Timney Triggers treatment


The Model 682, left, and Model 681, right, bring the Timney Trigger experience to Sig Sauer MPX shooters. (Photo: Timney Triggers)

Sig Sauer MPX rifles are getting some Timney Triggers TLC as the company introduces four new trigger models designed for the Sig carbine.

New models include a single-stage or two-stage with straight shoe or curved options. The trigger, hammer and bridge are crafted from heat-treated steel while the housing is machined from 6061 T6 anodized ally. The trigger itself is set with a pull weight of three-pounds for the single-stage and two-pounds for the second-stage.

The triggers are completely self-contained and drop-in ready with no gunsmithing, special fitting or adjustments required. Timney says the triggers offer an “exceptionally smooth, crisp, trigger pull” and are in line with the company’s commitment to quality aftermarket parts.

“Timney Triggers is dedicated to ensuring our customers a lifetime of hassle-free shooting enjoyment.  That is evident in the last step of the manufacturing process, when each trigger is hand assembled, tested, and calibrated for the specific rifle model it is intended for before it’s delivered to the customer’s door,” the company said in a statement. “Timney Triggers is proud to offer a lifetime warranty on all their products and each trigger is proudly.”

The Model 681 MPX single stage trigger features a MSRP of $234 while the two-stage Model 682 MPX trigger retails for $264.

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