Steyr Arms announces 2018 dates for new training academy

(Photo: Steyr Arms)

Eduardo Abril de Fontcuberta leads Steyr newest classes at the Steyr Arms Training Academy. (Photo: Steyr Arms)

Classes are on deck at the new Steyr Arms Training Academy with the gun school announcing the first series of dates for its 2018 schedule.

The first two courses developed by the academy are the Steyr Precision rifle, SPR-I, and the Steyr Precision Armorer, SPA, classes. These will be held March 9 through March 11 and again March 30 through April 1. More classes are slated to hit the itinerary in May, though no definitive dates have been released.

SPR-I aims to impart on students a theoretical understanding of ballistic skills needed to reach each Steyr rifle’s accuracy potential in addition to shooting practice. The course covers the fundamentals of marksmanship, developing paper and electronic tables and grasping how various factors impact shooting performance. Students without access to a Steyr rifle will have the opportunity to rent a Steyr Pro THB, with other rifle models available on request.

Focusing on the assembling and maintenance of a precision rifle, the SPA course sets its sights on students who want to learn how to complete repairs and keep rifles running at a competition or sniper performance level. Topics covered include: maintenance, replacement, disassembly and re-assembly procedures, trigger adjustment and barrel changes. Students will also receive instruction on scope-rail selection, scope-base types, optics mounting, night vision systems, advanced stock adjustments and how to evaluate scopes. Students will have the opportunity to test-fire their work completed in class at Steyr’s indoor range as well as the facility’s 600-yard outdoor range.

Leading the training charge is Academy Director Eduardo Abril de Fontcuberta. Fontcuberta is a native of Spain and boasts more than 25 years of experience as a military and law enforcement sniper trainer and armorer. Fontcuberta is also a world champion long-range competitor.

Steyr says the classes are limited to only seven slots in order to give students more individual attention form Fontcuberta. Each course will deliver more than 24 hours worth of intensive instruction during the total three day experience.

Tuition for each class is $995.

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