New holster activated body cameras from The Safariland Group (VIDEO)

This year at SHOT Show 2018 The Safariland Group introduced some new products designed to aid the modern day law enforcement official. The LE5 Lite body camera is designed to aid law enforcement in their capturing of video during suspect apprehension. By simply sliding the button down the camera will start recording and only the LEO will know that itโ€™s recording.

The larger LE5 unit will allow for 80 hours of standby with 50 hours of recorded video, the other big plus for this one is that it has a 3 minute pre-record and a one minute post record time to ensure that all the appropriate video is captured.

The other big advancement from Safariland this year is the holster which activates the LE5 cameras. This happens wirelessly and allows the officer to really focus on the task at hand without having to worry about whether or not their body camera is recording.

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