Retay Arms partners with Briley Manufacturing to expand reach

(Photo: Retay USA)

Retay Arms and Briley Manufacturing partner to offer a service center for Retay’s line of Masai Mara shotguns. (Photo: Retay USA)

Turkish based gun maker Retay Arms announced it has teamed up with Briley Manufacturing, out of Texas, in order to further its U.S. reach.

Retay announced that the newly stood-up Retay USA Service Center at Briley Manufacturing will handle servicing, maintenance and repairs on Retay’s line of Masai Mara shotguns. The service center will house an onsite inventory of over 20,000 replacement parts for the Masai Mara where Briley Manufacturing’s trained technicians will complete service requests.

Retay says the partnership will lower service times as parts will no longer require import/export or the paperwork required to ship firearms or parts abroad. In addition, the gun maker says the decision to offer a service center in the U.S. could also save on shipping costs.

“The ability to quickly and reliably service our products has been a focus of ours during product development so it’s only fitting that we have chosen to work with a centrally located industry leader like Briley Manufacturing  to ensure our customers needs are meet quickly and reliably now, and in the future,” Retay USA President Christian Handy said in a press release.

“Retay USA is committed to building a world class reputation of excellence in the United States by standing by our product and offering the highest level of customer service and support. This partnership with Briley Manufacturing is just one more of the ways our company is working to achieve that goal,” he continued.

Retay Arms offers US customers a limited five year warranty in material and workmanship for Masai Mara shotguns if purchased through an authorized Retay dealer. Customers requiring service or maintenance can register their product on Retay USA’s website.

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