Kalashnikov on the differences between the Czech Vz. 58 and the AK (VIDEO)

The Russian-based Kalashnikov group goes into detail on the history and design of the Czech Vz. 58, which only sort of looks like the Kalash.

Vladimir Onokoy, a tech guy with Kalashnikov who speaks pretty good English, covers Jiri Cermak’s famous 7.62x39mm rifle from background to disassembly with the help of a pretty swag factory cutaway model.

Sure, you probably already knew all this, but even if you didn’t, Onokoy’s backstory on his own experience with the Czech gun is kind of neat.

While CZ-USA only imports newer Bren 805s and Scorpions, CzechPoint does bring in some of the more classic 58’s from time to time.

Giving facebook fans a heads-up: Literally only a few special vz. 58 rifles for sale. Click on links for info and to…

Posted by CzechPoint on Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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