Now this gives new meaning to .50 caliber 12 gauge slug (VIDEO)

02/20/18 8:30 AM | by

Now this gives new meaning to .50 caliber 12 gauge slug (VIDEO)

Sure, there are sabot slugs out there that advertise .50-caliber rounds, but how about loading a hull with an actual 750-grain bullet from a .50 BMG?

With some spare BMG projectiles left over from a prior experiment, the guys at Taofledermaus rig up a few homemade shells complete with a sabot for stabilization to see if they can get that big honking bullet to fly true when fired out of the barrel of a rifled slug gun.

The answer to that question is (spoiler) no. In fact, when viewed on the Chronos slo-mo, it looks like one of those folded paper footballs you used to thump around class back in the day.

The “crystal ball” shell, in the end, looks way cooler.

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