Zev Technologies launches Zev Pro Compensator for Glock

(Photo: Zev Technologies)

Zev brings more accessories to the table releasing the new Pro Compensator for the Glock platform. (Photo: Zev Technologies)

Zev Technologies brings more accessories to the Glock fandom, introducing the new Pro Compensator built specifically for 9mm Glock pistols.

Though originally engineered to work alongside the popular Glock 19, Zev’s new compensator boasts the ability to function with other 9mm Glocks. The Pro Compensator fits 1/2×28 threaded barrels and will cycle with standard 9mm ammunition. The Pro does not require users to modify the guide rod or recoil spring in order to cycle ammo properly.

The compact size of the Pro, when paired with a Zev threaded barrel on the G19, brings the overall length of the G19 to that of a G34 slide; therefore, the whole shebang is compatible with Glock 34 holsters.

For consumers who prefer to buy American made, Zev says the compensator is “100-percent made in the USA.”

Glock fans looking to add a compensator to their 9mm Glock pistols can nab the Pro Compensator from Zev Technologies for $99.

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