Safariland adds Model 17 and 17T to holster inventory

(Photo: Safariland)

The Model 17 is one of two new holsters designed for (Photo: Safariland)

Holster and accessory maker Safariland launches two new holsters, the Model 17 and 17T, designed for inside-the-waistband carry.

The Model 17 and 17T IWBs feature an ultra-thin, flexible construction that boast a lightweight feel. Though the holsters are styled to offer comfort, Safariland says the new rigs also tout durability, maintaining their shape indefinitely through the use of the hard shell SafariLaminate. Both holsters provide a deep contour in the trigger guard area that retains firearms for a more secure handgun fit.

The Model 17 features a spring steel belt clip that anchors to belts while the Model 17T offers a cant-adjustable, tuckable J-Hook. The Model 17 and 17T fit up to a 1.75-inch width belt.

“Building upon the momentum we are seeing with IWB holsters, these models will be a top choice for those looking for minimalist, lightweight concealed carry options,” James Dawson, duty gear category director at Safariland, said in a press release. “Featuring a trigger guard detent, as well as extreme thinness and flexibility, these holsters offer security and comfort for appendix or rear hip carry inside the waistband.”

The holsters are available in black STX finishes with fits for Colt, Glock, Ruger, Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson and Springfield. MSRP is $38.50.

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