Gun store owner stops selling rifles to those under 21 (VIDEO)

The owner of a Bellevue, Washington gun shop has made it policy to refuse to sell rifles to those under the age of 21 unless they have military training.

Jason Cazes, owner of Low Priced Guns, has made both national and local news over his recent stance not to sell rifles to most potential buyers under 21 years old. He cautions that he isn’t against selling AR-15s, just that he doesn’t want to sell them or any rifle to those under the self-imposed age limit, established by the gun shop owner after a 19-year-old in Florida used a rifle in a school shooting last week that killed 17.

“Even if it helps five percent less people doing crazy from people who aren’t mature enough to handle these sort of weapons, then that’s worth it,” Cazes said. “But on the other side, I want my right to own this (AR-15) as an adult. That is my choice of what I want to defend myself and my family with.”

The store’s social media account has been flooded with posts by gun rights advocates in opposition to the move.

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