FK Brno 7.5 Field Pistol lands in U.S. market

(Photo: Luxury Firearms)

The FK Brno 7.5 Field Pistol makes its U.S. debut courtesy of Luxury Firearms. (Photo: Luxury Firearms)

After four years of behind the scenes work, Luxury Firearms finally brings the FK Brno 7.5 Field Pistol to the States, marking the pistol’s first entry into the American gun market.

Created by Czech Republic based FK and designed exclusively around the 7.5 FK cartridge, the FK Brno is a sporting pistol created for long range competitions, silhouette shooting and hunting. Available in two models, the Standard Field Pistol and the Combat Sport, the single action handgun boasts a tilting barrel type mechanism paired with a proprietary recoil attenuating system.

(Photo: Luxury Firearms)

The pistol uses proprietary 7.5 ammunition. (Photo: Luxury Firearms)

The FK Brno Field Pistol measures 10-inches in length with a height of 5.63-inches with butterfly sights installed. Touting a capacity of 16+1, the handgun rips scales at 2.8-pounds.

Luxury Firearms has been working diligently to bring the FK Brno pistol to the U.S., serving as a distributor of the 7.5 Field Pistol as well as serving as manufacturer for the weapon’s proprietary ammunition.

“One must experience and allow this gun to perform as intended to fully understand how unique of a firearms this is. So I knew immediately this was something I wanted to help other American shooters experience,” Luxury Firearms founder Tony Mussatto said in a press release. “This pistol is not for everyone and I understand that, but for the people who do purchase this pistol, they are in for an incredible experience.”

(Photo: Luxury Firearms)

The gun features aluminum grips and a unique butterfly style rear sight. (Photo: Luxury Firearms)

The Field Pistol ships with two magazines, two aluminum grips, two sets of iron sights, proprietary butterfly sight, traditional 3-dot sight and lockable case. Luxury Firearms says only 1,001 FK Brno 7.5 Field Pistols will be made for the U.S. with the first run consisting of 100 pistols.

The FK Brno 7.5 Field Pistol retails for $7,500 while 50 count box of 95 grain hollow point 7.5 ammo runs $82.99.

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