Sturmgewehr 57: A sit down with the classic Swiss SIG SG 510 (VIDEO)

A huge 13-pound select-fire battle rifle, the very distinctive Stgw 57 was the primary Swiss Army rifle for over three decades, and it’s a beast.

Designed to replace the Swiss Army’s K31 bolt-action rifle, it was chambered in the same standard 7.5x55mm GP11 round used by the Alpine country since 1889. Exported in 7.62x51mm, the giant Swiss rifle uses a roller-delayed blowback action and is very funky if you haven’t experienced one before.

The example shown above, explored in-depth by Bloke on the Range, “Switzerland’s most popular native-English-language guns & shooting channel,” is a retired Swiss Army-issue model that has been converted to semi-auto only. Want to break your heart? They only cost about $450 over there. The Sig AMT, the most common version available here in the states, is more like 10-20xs that amount on this side of the ocean.

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