Lyman releases X-Block Bench Block

(Photo: Lyman)

Lyman releases a new gunsmithing tool to make servicing guns easier with the new X-Block Bench Block. (Photo: Lyman)

Lyman introduces a new gunsmithing tool to combat firearm pins, launching the X-Block Bench Block.

The X-Block Bench Block is designed to allow do-it-yourself gunsmiths to drive pins out of firearms efficiently.  The X-Block features a “V” slot in addition to a rounded slot running across its face. The design is meant to support a bevy of frames, barrels and slides.

Made from a tough polymer, the block is non-marring and edged with a non-slip outer overmold. A magnet molded into the base catches pins or other smaller parts that may drop while users work. Lyman says the large, 5-inch diameter base offers a supportive and stable base.

“Having the right tool for the job makes any gunsmithing project so much easier! Without the right tool, you may damage fine finishes or break part,” Lyman said in a statement. “(The X-Block) has all the features to get the job done smoothly and professionally.”

The X-Block Bench Block is available now from Lyman with a retail price under $20.


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