Mc3 Stocks introduces Tactical Legend Stock series

(Photo: Mc3)

The Tactical Legend Stock works with the Remington 700 platform. (Photo: Mc3)

The Tactical Legend Stock series by Mc3 Stocks is the latest to offer an upgrade to the original Remington 700 look and feel.

Crafted from proprietary polymer called Zenolite, the Tactical Legend Stock replicates the McMillian A-5 style on the Remington 700 platform. The stock revamps the look on the Remington with a completely solid stock that Mc3 says is a more durable outfit.

“The Mc3 Tactical Legend upgrades the original Remington 700 with a completely solid stock, constructed from a state-of-the-art proprietary polymer blend called Zenolite, resulting in a stronger, stiffer product that serious rifle shooters will appreciate,” the company said in a press release. “The Mc3 Tactical Legend’s manufacturing process consists of a unique method that is based on the best-selling McMillan A-5 stock design, an accomplishment only achieved by McMillan engineers.”

(Photo: Mc3)

The Mc3 Tactical Legend uses a proprietary polymer called Zenolite. (Photo: Mc3)

The stock boasts resistance against wear and tear as well as abrasions and features less shrinkage than other aftermarket stocks, according to Mc3. The Tactical Legend is available for Remington 700 models to include DBL or DB and long and short actions in addition Varmint/Sendero barrel contours.

The stock sports an adjustable cheek piece as well as spacer system options and a detachable box magazine. Prices start at $259, topping out around $460.

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