Going loud with a historic gun crew from the Alamo (VIDEO)

Living historian John Potter joins a period-correct gun crew to get some potshots in from a three-pounder similar to those used by Texas in defense of the Alamo.

The action goes down a couple of miles south of San Antonio, as target practice from a live cannon is frowned upon these days downtown, with the six-strong crew reaching out to 200 yards with the small field artillery piece.

During the 13-day battle to take the walled mission in 1836, the defenders used 18 mounted guns against the besieging Mexican Army, with the smallest being the same size as the one shown in the above video.

The loading, priming and firing process of the black power cannon is covered and (eventually) they manage to get several billiard-sized balls on target.

A total of nine cannons from the historic site, including seven used during the battle for the Alamo, are being preserved by Texas A&M in an ongoing process funded by donations.

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