Kriss USA announces new Edelweiss Arms division

(Photo and logo: Edelweiss Arms, Graphic: Jacki Billings)

Edelweiss seeks to bring antique firearms to U.S. collectors. (Photo and logo: Edelweiss Arms, Graphic: Jacki Billings)

Kriss USA will begin importing and selling curios and relics as well as antique firearms under its newly created division, Edelweiss Arms.

Edelweiss Arms will focus specifically on antiques with a specialty in Swiss firearms. The direct to consumer e-commerce business will utilize key partnerships throughout Europe to bring high quality and historically significant pieces to U.S. based collectors.

(Photo: Edelweiss Arms)

The new division has several rifles up for grabs. (Photo: Edelweiss Arms)

“This is an exciting new venture for our business, and we’re looking forward to providing some value to the collector’s market in the United States,” Kriss USA Marketing Manager Tim Seargeant said in a press release. “Edelweiss Arms is positioned to provide the discerning collector in the United States unprecedented access to some of the most pristine condition antique and C&R firearms from Europe. Additionally, our Edelweiss Arms website is designed to streamline the decision making and ordering process, to reduce the guess work that is traditionally associated with shopping for collector’s pieces.”

Edelweiss will kick off its sales with a wide variety of Schmidt-Rubin rifles in addition to a selection of Lugers, several Sig P210 pistols, the P49 and the Swiss military version of the P210. The company says it also specializes in antique firearms that do not require transfer through a Federal Firearm License dealer.

Edelweiss’ current inventory is online with prices varying based on model.

(Photo: Edelweiss Arms)

The Sig P210 is one of a handful of firearms offered through Edelweiss. (Photo: Edelweiss Arms)

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