Somebody 'Judged' this poor Colt Single Action before the Judge was cool (VIDEO)

The fine folks over at the National Firearms Museum show off a modified Colt SAA that has been stretched, for better or worse, to accommodate a .410 shotgun shell.

John Popp and firearms specialist Logan Metesh talk about the strange construct that took at least two different 19th Century Colts (with one of the frames being a highly sought-after β€œU.S.” marked former Army revolver) and made a .410 revolver long before Taurus came out with the Judge. Talk about an abomination. Hopefully, it was done in the 1900s when these old black powder wheelguns were plentiful and cheap.

P.S., kudos to anyone who points out the MIL Thunder 5 predated the Judge by more than a decade.

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