Can Can Concealment brings innovative concealment options to women

(Photo: Can Can Concealment)

Can Can Concealment provides carry solutions for women who can’t always sport a belt and holster, delivering options like the Garter holster for thigh carry. (Photo: Can Can Concealment)

Can Can Concealment is one of a series of companies specifically targeting women gun owners in the industry. With a selection of unique and creative holsters solutions, Can Can Concealment  brings concealed carry to women of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds.

Like most innovative ideas, Can Can Concealment sprang from necessity. In 2012, after completing a defensive handgun training class at Front Sight in Nevada, Darlene Cary set about looking for a holster that would allow her to concealed carry at all times. She went the regular route, trying all sorts of Kydex holster designs to no avail. Frustrated that nothing on the market accommodated her needs, Cary used her sewing expertise to craft her very own holster design.

A side project at the time, Cary eventually showed her design to a co-worker, an ex-military woman also looking to solve some concealed carry woes. The two realized Cary was on to something and that, they shook on it and Can Can Concealment was born.

The Hip Hugger allows women to sport a gun IWB in either hte appendix or kidney carry positions. (Photo: Can Can Concealment)

The Hip Hugger allows women to sport a gun IWB in either hte appendix or kidney carry positions. (Photo: Can Can Concealment)

The company itself started humbly enough, making its first appearance online as an Etsy shop in July 2013, but it quickly outgrew its spot on the arts and craft site. It jumped to the big leagues, placing products on Amazon, but that too eventually proved too small. Within three years of making its first appearance on the web, Can Can Concealment officially found its own home on its own website. The growth, while welcomed, hasn’t been without its challenges Cary explained.

“The biggest challenge overall was three straight years of overwhelmingly rapid growth,” Cary told “As we experienced rapid volume increases, it has been challenging to continue to design a line of holsters while strategically developing more efficient ways to hand make the products at the highest possible quality.”

Utilizing high quality elastic to achieve its compression style retention in addition to rare earth magnets embedded in the fabric to add an extra layer of retention on the gun, Can Can Concealment holsters come in four flavors to accommodate a variety of women’s needs. The Hip Hugger is a versatile setup that can tote up to four firearms and three magazines. The Corset holster provides a method for secure behind the hip, or kidney, carry that also acts to slim the waistline.

The Garter holster is the perfect solution for women confined to dresses and skirts who also need a means to discreetly carry their favorite pistol. Rounding out the holsters is the Sport Belt which is designed to accommodate either men or women with its more subtle construction.

Each of the holsters are all available in micro, classic and shebang sizes for a range of firearm makes and models and come with a variety of color accent choices for some personalization.

(Photo: Can Can Concealment)

The corset holster serves up two firearm pockets in the behind the hip position while also slimming hte wearer’s waistline. (Photo: Can Can Concealment)

“Can Can was the original women’s compression holster and now just five years later there is an entire line of holsters with a size for every woman, a style for every handgun and a holster for every outfit,” Cary said proudly. “We strive to offer you a comfortable, made in the USA, stylish all-day concealed carry at an affordable price.”

Though Can Can has finally made its way out of Cary’s backyard and into a spacious industrial park setting, the team hasn’t stopped working to further Can Can Concealment’s reach. Expanding to international dealers — with products now found in Puerto Rico, South Africa, Germany and Russia — Cary said its the company’s loyal customer base that keeps her and the rest of Can Can motivated and looking towards the future.

“Can Can Concealment is very grateful for all the love and support their customers have shown,” Cary said. “As long as women want to conceal carry in a practical, tactical and attractive way, Can Can Concealment will be around to supply their holsters!”

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