Boyd’s Gunstocks expands At-One product line with shotgun stock

(Photo: Boyd's Gunstocks)

Boyd’s offers adjustable gunstock models in a variety of color, such as Blaze. (Photo: Boyd’s Gunstocks)

Boyd’s Gunstocks is expanding its At-One series of fully adjustable gunstocks, introducing a new variant designed specifically for shotguns.

The At-One shotgun stock is available for the Remington 870 and Mossberg 500 platform. The stock was created to fit every body type, with a fully adjustable length of pull and adjustable cheek rest. Length of pull can be modified from 12.5-inches to 14-inches while the cheek rest adjusts up and down with a push of a button.

Grips and forearms are modular with a variety of colors and two shapes to choose — traditional and target style. The stock boasts a “Bring It” push button which allows users to teak adjustments without the need for special tools or hardware.

The gunstocks also come in more muted, traditional offerings. (Photo: Boyd's Gunstocks)

The gunstocks also come in more muted, traditional offerings. (Photo: Boyd’s Gunstocks)

First launched in 2017, Boyd’s says the At-One gunstock series gained in popularity, requiring the need for additional products for shotgunners. The gunstock is crafted using top-grade laminated hardwood dried to exacting specifications. This process ensures rigidity and stability while a sealant offers a durable yet attractive finish.

Prices vary based on gun make and gauge.

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