Federal Ammunition introduces 300 BLK to Power-Shok Copper line

(Photo: Federal Premium Ammunition)

Federal launches a new variant on its Power-Shok line, introducing a .300 BLK load with copper projectile. (Photo: Federal Premium Ammunition)

Federal Premium Ammunition adds to its series of Power-Shok Copper rifle ammunition, expanding the series to now include 300 Blackout.

The 120-grain load offers the same benefits as the original Power-Shok, featuring a non-lead bullet. The hollow point copper projectile delivers a large wound channel while the Catalyst lead-free primer boasts an efficient and reliable ignition, according to Federal Ammunition. The round’s design is finished off with Federal Ammunition brass.

“Practical hunters trust Federal Power Shok rifle ammunition to deliver reliable on-game performance that fills the freezer at an attractive price,” Federal Ammunition said in a statement. Power Shok Copper provides that same consistency and value in a non-lead bullet.”

Perfect for deer hunters, the company says the .300 BLK variant delivers a muzzle velocity of 2,100 feet-per-second with a ballistic coefficient of 0.251.

The ammo maker says the new .300 BLK round is currently on its way to dealers nationwide with a MSRP of $26.95.

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