No charges for Ohio man who killed teen in self-defense (VIDEO)

A grand jury opted not to charge the man who claimed self-defense in the deadly shooting of a 15-year-old boy at a gas station in Springfield, Ohio.

The Clark County grand jury voted unanimously to not indict Timothy Reed on any charges connected to the shooting death of William Beverly, Jr., according to local reports.

Reed shot and killed Beverly at about 12:45 am during an incident at a Speedway gas station on Nov. 5, local media reports.

When officers arrived, they found Beverly lying on his back inside the store. He had suffered gunshot wounds to his shoulder and on his back right side. He died at the scene.

Reed told a local newspaper he had given Beverly’s girlfriend and her friend a ride to the gas station so she could meet her uncle.

However, the girlfriend had planned on buying Xanax from a man at the gas station, so when they arrived, the man and Beverly approached Reed’s car.

“Moments after arriving, two men had approached my car. One began to attack,” Reed told reporters. “That’s when I preceded to defend myself.”

The grand jury ruled that Reed, who had a valid concealed carry license, was neither the aggressor nor the initiator.

“Timothy Reed had a bona fide and reasonable belief that he was in immediate danger of death or serious bodily harm, and that the use of deadly force was necessary to escape that danger,” the grand jury findings say.

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