Gun Pro launches new Delta 1 Sights for Sig Sauer and Springfield XD

(Photo: Gun Pro)

Gun Pro Delta 1 Sights now offer fit Sig Sauer and Springfield XD pistols. (Photo: Gun Pro)

Gun Pro expands its series of Delta 1 Sights, adding the Sig Sauer and Springfield XD to its catalogue of compatible firearms.

Gun Pro says the Delta 1 Sights provide fast target acquisition through its intuitive single point alignment system. The patented design delivers an open sight picture allowing for simple yet accurate shot placement on target, according to the company.

(Photo: Gun Pro)

Traditional sight picture compared to the Delta 1 Sights. (Photo: Gun Pro)

“We’re excited to offer Delta 1 Sights, with their superb open sight picture and lightning fast sight alignment, to an entirely new group of firearms enthusiasts,” Greg Wittner, Director of Sales, said in a press release. “We are confident that our sights will revolutionize the sight market.”

The Sig Sauer and Springfield XD series sights join the Gun Pro lineup which already offers options for the Smith & Wesson M&P, 1911 Novak and Glock pistols.

The Springfield XD and Sig Sauer Delta 1 series is available now through Gun Pro, sliding into the sight market with a MSRP of $99.

(Photo: Gun Pro)

Springfield XD model guns, to include the XD-S, get the Gun Pro treatment. (Photo: Gun Pro)

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