Tempus ASPH Red Dot hits Leica Sport Optics lineup

(Photo: Leica)

Leica Sport Optics introduces its first red dot sight. (Photo: Leica)

Leica Sport Optics accomplished a first for the company, releasing its very first red dot sight in the Tempus ASPH.

The Tempus ASPH is milled from a single piece of aluminum and offers two versions โ€” a 3.5 MOA dot size or 2.0 MOA. Crafted to grant hunters more speed and flexibility, the Tempus ASPH utilizes aspherical optics to deliver a crisp image of the illuminated dot and a high image quality. The outlined illuminated dot provides for precise shooting, regardless of angle, allowing hunters to quickly identify game and drop targets quickly.

โ€œWhen hunting, what really counts are factors like speed, precision and safety,โ€ Leica said in a press release. โ€œTo help with this, the extremely bright illuminated dot can be dimmed in 12 stages according to the lighting situation, making it clearly visible in sunshine, unfavorable weather or when everything is covered under a thick layer of snow.โ€

The Tempus ASPH by Leica retails for $599.

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