This is one sweetheart of a Colt M1911A1 pistol (VIDEO)

Theatre-made “sweetheart grips” crafted from recycled aircraft canopies were popular in WWII– but this particularly sweet longslide is tied to a key figure in firearms history.

Up for bid at Rock Island’s upcoming April Premier Auction is a Colt .45 GI that once belonged to Brig. Gen. Guy H. Drewry. Never heard of Drewry? His “GHD” ordnance mark of approval graces thousands of wartime rifles and pistols made in New England and, as noted by the Army, the bespectacled professional ordnance officer spent several years assisting in the development of the vaunted M1 Garand and later pushed to have other wartime guns such as the M1 Carbine manufactured and rushed to the front.

Aircraft grip BGen GHD sweetheart grips

(Photo: RIA)

While the good General, along with his wife, is buried at Arlington National Cemetery, his classic C&R-eligible 1911– still with images of the beloved Mrs. Drewry under each grip panel, head to the auction block next month with an estimated price of $5,000-$7,000.

(Photos: RIA)

(Photos: RIA)

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