Video shows bail agent shooting client in self-defense (VIDEO)

Prosecutors released video Monday showing a bail agent fatally shooting one of her clients last year at her office in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

The video shows Chasity Carey shooting Brandon Williams, 38, in the back as he tried to climb out of a window on Aug. 9, 2017. At the time, Carey and her 19-year-old son were attempting to take Williams, who was free on bail, back into custody.

Carey and her son, Justin Henderson, had invited Williams to the office by telling him that Henderson was interested in buying his car, which was put up as collateral for posting his bond. But really they wanted to take him into custody before he left town. He was accused in a burglary case.

In the video, Williams sits beside Henderson and across from Carey, who is behind a desk. He makes small talk, takes off one of his shoes, pulls up his sock and rubs his heel.

Then, things get confrontational when Carey walks over to close the door and tells Williams he’s about to be handcuffed. As Williams tries to leave, Henderson steps over holding handcuffs. Williams wedges his hands between his back and the wall.

Carey tells Williams to “turn around” but Williams argues and says “I’m not getting in no cuffs.” Carey tells him authorities are on their way. Williams puts his shoe back on and prepares to leave, yelling “don’t put your hands on me.”

As Carey tries to force Williams to cooperate, Williams runs off camera behind Carey’s desk, presumably toward the window. Carey quickly rummages through the desk and grabs a pistol. She points the gun off screen and fires a shot. Williams screams, “Ow! Holy shit!” Henderson says, “Mom! You just shot him.” And Carey responds: “I did.”

Henderson covers his face and cries out: “Mom, oh my god.” Carey pulls up her phone and dials 911. She steps out into the other room and Henderson steps out, back in and then out again. When he returns, Carey follows and tells him “don’t go out that window.” She steps out again as she talks to a 911 operator. Henderson returns and grabs the camera.

A Payne County jury acquitted Carey of first degree murder charges on Friday. She claimed she opened fire in self-defense. “I was afraid he was going to shoot my son,” Carey told the Payne County jury. “I felt like we were going to be killed. … I’ve never been that scared before.”

Carey testified that Williams attempted to grab her gun before fleeing out the office window, but she beat him to it and turned to fire just as he was on his way out. Even though the struggle wasn’t apparent in the video, Carey’s attorney argued “what’s not on the video is your reasonable doubt” and added “the video only showed half of the shooting.”

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