Man says he shot dog In self-defense, owner outraged (VIDEO)

Northern New York authorities said they agree with the man who claimed he shot and killed a dog in self-defense.

Donald McGrann told local reporters that the dog, Apollo, a rottweiler, tried to attack him and his dog while they were going for a walk Sunday night.

“He lunged at me twice really hard, then he rears back and comes up and when he went back the last time, I made a conscious decision that I had to end this now. Broke my heart,” he said.

McGrann said he was trying to protect his dog, Casey, by yelling and kicking at Apollo. And he opened fire when Apollo turned aggressive.

Apollo’s owner, Deshawn Fey, said his dog had gotten loose because of a broken collar, but he was not an aggressive dog.

“My dog’s never attacked anybody. He’s the nicest thing, he’ll lick you to death, he’ll lay up on you. He’s a big dog. He’s a 110 pound rottweiler but he’s never attacked anybody,” Fey said.

But authorities investigating the matter agreed with McGrann, saying he had acted in self-defense.


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