Three men indicted for multi-state firearms trafficking

Three men faced weapons and conspiracy charges in federal court last week stemming from a joint law enforcement investigation into a multi-state gun trafficking ring.

Federal agents said Friday Washington, D.C.’s Metro Police Department successfully recovered 22 of at least 55 firearms sold on the street’s of the nation’s capitol last year by residents and cousins Stephon Jeter, 27, and Quran Jeter, 19.

The Jeters were arrested last week in Washington for conspiring to sell guns without a license. Jeremy Carr, 34, of Marietta, Georgia, was taken into custody March 6 for acting as the cousins’ straw purchaser over an eight month period ending early last year.

A federal indictment unsealed last week shows Stephon Jeter and Carr received an additional 12 counts of interstate travel for the purpose of acquiring firearms to deal without a license. Quran Jeter also faces charges for carrying an unregistered pistol, without a license.

The Jeters allegedly asked Carr to buy different firearms — including a Taurus PT 111, Taurus PT 709, Zastava PAP M85, Century Arms PAP M92, and a Smith & Wesson SD9VE — on their behalf between June 2016 and February 2017, according to court documents. Stephon Jeter made at least a dozen round trips from Washington to Atlanta to pick up the fraudulently purchased guns from Carr. He and Quran Jeter later sold the guns to customers in the Columbia Heights area of northwest Washington for triple the original sales price.

Some of those weapons turned up during unrelated arrests. Two other men — David Stewart, 32, and Tyrone Hopkins, 25 — face drug and weapons charges after Metro Police Department officers found guns purchased by Carr in the men’s possession in July and October 2017, respectively.

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