Finishing out a Polymer 80 Glock with hand tools (VIDEO)

Eric with IV8888 holds class on crafting a no-FFL required DIY Glock-style handgun frame from an 80 percent blank, using a Dremel, a hand drill and a couple of files.

Sure, the video runs almost a half-hour, but it’s pretty in-depth and Eric drops a few tips and tricks based on mistakes he has made in the past, which alone is worth the price of admission. Once the frame is worked out, he just drops in some standard lower parts and adds a loaded slide then takes the new “garage Glock” for a spin on the range.

Polymer 80’s kits typically come with a jig, drill bits and end mill included and run about $150. When you keep in mind that you can pick up an LPK for about $60 and a loaded slide for $200-ish, you can be in biz with your home-built polymer pistol for about $400 plus some sweat equity, which isn’t all that much cheaper than the real thing– but that’s not really the point now, is it?

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