Cerus Gear unveils Instructional ProMat Gun Cleaning Mats

The Instructional ProMat offers a detailed look at how to field strip and clean various guns. (Photo: Cerus Gear)

Cerus Gear launches new ProMat Gun Cleaning Mats touting accurate to scale models and a made in the USA design.

Cerus’ signature line of Instructional ProMat’s efficiently helps gun owners during the field striping and cleaning process with an expanded view and how-to. The Instructional ProMat allows gun owners, new or seasoned shooter, to unroll and convert any table, truck bed or work bench into a gunsmithing work station.

Featuring a lightweight yet heavy duty construction, the mats offer enough surface area to tackle a field-stripped handgun or rifle with instructions remaining visible and easy to read, says Cerus Gear. Using a soft poly top sheet, the mat won’t mar firearms while remaining resistant to gun oils and solvent stains.

The company says the mats are perfect for beginners who need a how-to or veteran shooters who just want to protect their firearms while cleaning. (Photo: Cerus Gear)

“As a rule, the first thing a new/or seasoned shooter should do after purchasing a new weapon is learn its assembly and disassembly. This is done for a few reasons, 1) the more rounds you put through the weapon, the dirtier it will become and with the dirt the likelihood of a malfunction requiring proper cleaning and maintenance. 2) periodic inspection each component for damage,” Cerus said in a statement. “(The mats) are educational, protective, and tacti-cool!”

Prices on the ProMat lineup start around $13.

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