Why hand-fitting is important when it comes to the M1A rifle (VIDEO)

The .308-caliber semi-auto version of the classic M14 battle rifle, the M1A comes from a time when things were built by hand, and continue to be.

The U.S. Army adopted the M14 in the late 1950s to replace the M1 Garand and Carbine, the M1918 BAR and the M3 Grease Gun– a tall order. Almost a decade after production of the iconic magazine-fed brawler was halted for the military, the Reese family rescued the Springfield Armory name jettisoned by the government and started making the rifles that are still around today as the M1A series.

“Everything about the M1A is a challenge,” says M1A Match Rifle Team leader Corey Sellers in the above video from SA. “It’s a challenge to build. It’s a challenge to shoot with iron sights. It takes you back to a day when you were rewarded for a challenge.”

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