Czeching out the very unusual UK-59 machine gun (VIDEOS)

A product of a curious time in Prague’s military history, the Czech UK vz. 59 is a rarely encountered belt-fed machine gun that never really caught on outside its homeland.

Ian with Forgotten Weapons came across one of these interesting beasts while visiting Canada and got to really get down and dirty with it. If you remember, it was the Czechs who came up with the excellent ZB vz. 26 light machine gun in the 1920s that went on to influence the Bren and others. Well, post-WWII, Czechoslovakia was behind the Iron Curtain but still needed to upgrade their arms for the promised third installment in the world war series and the UK-59 was part of that.

Ian does a great job of exploring the gun inside and out above, then going loud, below.

If you are looking for one of your own, Czechpoint sells these dated from 1994 and, if you are an LE or Mil end-user or SOT dealer with a signed letter, they are $3,950, which is a steal for new-in-crate GPMGs. Form 6 and Form 3 required, of course.

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