Rise Armament launches low-mass bolt carrier group

The RA-1010 Low Mass BCG is lightweight yet easy to manage, according to Rise Armament. (Photo: Rise Armament)

Rise Armament expanded its inventory of AR components, adding the new RA-1010 Low Mass Bolt Carrier Group to its lineup.

The RA-1010 Low Mass BCG aims to make rifle builds lighter and more maneuverable, according to Rise Armament, with a design that minimizes felt recoil. Tipping scales at just under 8.9-ounces, the BCG is constructed of 8620 steel, while the bolt is 9310 steel.

The setup is topped off with a black nitride finish to enhance strength and reduce friction. The RA-1010 BCG boasts compatibility with lighter buffers for quick follow-up shots on target.

The BCG uses a black nitride finish for durability. (Photo: Rise Armament)

“During the testing process, I used the RA-1010 in 3-Gun competitions. I love this carrier,” Garrett Grover, Product Specialist at Rise Armament, said in a press release. “The reduction in felt recoil is simply amazing, and the nitride finish still looks virtually new after several thousand rounds. This is one of the easiest ways to enhance the performance of any AR-platform rifle. As a competitive shooter, every one of my guns will have one in it.”

The RA-1010 Low Mass BCG is available now from Rise Armament with a MSRP of $239.

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