Washington governor signs voluntary gun ban law (VIDEO)

Gov. Jay Inslee approved legislation Wednesday to allow people to sign over their gun rights and place themselves on the federal do-not-purchase list.

The bill, SB 5553, allows a person to voluntarily waive their firearm rights in a visit to their county clerk’s office. The measure passed the Senate 36-13 and the House 77-20 with sponsors promoting it as a partial solution to help stop suicides.

“There’s an impulsivity, and the bill is really designed to try and prevent that impulsive nature that can lead to a tragedy,” said state Sen. David Frockt, D-Seattle, who backed the bill.

The measure, now law, establishes a framework for a person who no longer wants to be able to own firearms. Those wanting to take advantage of the ability to snip their Second Amendment rights have to submit a form to their county clerk, who in turn is obligated to notify the state police within 24 hours. Authorities would then transmit the request to the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System, reporting the individual as a prohibited firearms possessor. A request could later be reeled back by the person after seven days. The process is mandated to be in place by January 2019.

As for Frockt, he had also backed a host of more restrictive gun bills this session, including SB 6049 to limit magazine capacity to 10 rounds, and SB 5444 to mandate owners of “assault weapons” acquire special permits requiring enhanced background checks. He was disappointed the other proposals didn’t make it out of Olympia.

Inslee signed a bump stock ban earlier this month.

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