Hogue adds HandAll Beavertail Grip Sleeves for Sig Sauer P320


The HandAll BeaverTail Grip Sleeve slips over the Sig P320’s grip frame to offer a non-slip, non-irritating texture. (Photo: Hogue)

Hogue’s HandAll Beavertail Grip Sleeves expands its options with the introduction of new fits for the Sig Sauer P320.

The grip sleeves are designed specifically to fit the full-size Sig P320, slipping over the pistol’s polymer frame. Hogue says the grip sleeves’ construction lends itself to instinctive handling and better control of the firearm through its finger grooves and palm swell.

The HandAll is topped off with a beavertail built into the grip sleeve, which rises high along the backstrap of the pistol to cushion shooters’ hands while shooting. The HandAll for the P320 continues Hogue’s theme of Cobblestone texture. The texture is a series of small circular bumps that give the sleeve a non-slip, non-irritating feel.

The grip comes in a variety of colors to include aqua, pictured above. (Photo: Hogue)

“Since our exacting fit line of grip sleeves debuted, the P320 has been at the top of our to-do list,” grip designer Matt Hogue said in a press release. “The precision features of our new grip sleeves compliment the enhanced design of this firearm perfectly. This choice of firearm for many global military, law enforcement and commercial users demands the best fitting grip possible. We have accomplished that.”

The P320 model comes in a variety of colors to include standard black, OD green, flat dark earth, aqua, pink and purple. Basic black retails for $10 while the colored versions sport a MSRP of $12.

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