Taking a tour of the Army's small arms repair shop (VIDEO)

The U.S. Army’s Small Arms Repair Facility at Anniston Army Depot is like first stop shopping for all things pew.

In the above video from the U.S. Army Materiel Command, the good folks at the ANAD in Anniston, Alabama (Guns.com went there last year to check out their museum facility), you get to see how the service repairs and modifies current small arms to keep them in service. Although the audio is low, the video is on-point.

They cover M249 SAWs and M4s, as well as detail the conversion of M2 Browning HMGs to the improved M2A1 standard. As part of the latter, they show off a vintage Frigidaire-made M2 as well as an example by Kelsey Hayes Wheels– you see, everyone pitched in during WWII to outfit the “Arsenal of Democracy.”

Even for guns such as Guadalcanal-era .50-cals that have seen lots of hard use in the 70 years or so since then, they still are very much usable. As noted by the Army, “as much as 60 percent of an M2 weapon can be refurbished and reused as the artisans upgrade it to an M2A1 machine gun.”

Also, we’ll take one of these racks, please.

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