How about a German-made factory full-auto .22LR AK47 variant (VIDEO)

Back during the Cold War, when there were two radically different German nations, the more Workers’ Paradise one made a peculiar .22LR Kalash.

The gun, a rimfire variant of East Germany’s domestically-brewed KK-MPi 69 (what they termed their Suhl-made AKMs), was made as a downsized trainer for the country’s huge Warsaw Pact-oriented military. Today, they have been released out into the wild though sadly most are not transferable as they were still very much behind the Iron Curtain prior to 1984.

However, Hank Strange and Walter with Safety Harbor Firearms have one of these neat-o lead slingers from the old DDR days and use it to send some serious lead downrange with and without dust cover.

You are welcome.

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