Machine Gunner Sebastian Hwang shows us his guns (VIDEO)

The best thing Sebastian Hwang did was to move his gun shop from New York for Texas. Now he can truly showcase his gunsmithing skills.

Hwang owns Elite Guns Austin, which specializes in Class III and Class I weapons. Every April and October, he attends the Knob Creek machine gun shoot like clockwork. The event is similar to the Super Bowl for him and his gun loving buddies. Not only does it give him a chance to put some serious lead downrange, but it allows him to show off his guns and talk shop with likeminded people.

Hwang was good enough to discuss and demonstrate for two weapons from his arsenal that he brought to the October 2017 shoot. The first was an FN F2000. It is a modular bull-pup weapon system that fires the 5.56×45mm round. What makes the weapon unique is its ejection system. Spent cartridges are ejected forward and to the right side of the weapon through a tube running above the barrel.

According to Hwang, it’s an extremely controllable weapon to fire for both left and right handed shooters. He highly recommends the semi-automatic civilian version called the FS2000.

The second gun Hwang which was one of the show favorites was his modified Calico M960. He fell in love with the gun when he saw the 100 round cylindrical, helical-feed magazine. He immediately knew it had potential. The gun itself is a 9mm semi-automatic carbine.

By making some modifications, Hwang was double its rate of fire from 750 to 1,500 rounds per minute. He actually broke the gun by speeding it up so much, but he was reinforce it and make some other mods to make it work. Hwang says it one of his favorite subguns to shoot because of its intense rate of fire and how controllable it is.

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