Lynx Defense offers new ammo pouch inserts for modular range bag

The insert allows gun owners to stow loose ammo for easy reloading at the range. (Photo: Lynx Defense)

Lynx Defense introduced a new ammo pouch insert designed to work alongside its modular pistol range bag.

The insert features two functional sides — a gun side and an ammo pouch. The gun side features heavy duty strips of hook and loop material that coincide with the included universal gun attachment. This setup permits gun owners to mount guns to the insert, preventing movement while toting the range bag. Lynx says the design of the insert allows for larger guns to be moved around, better securing full-size pistols.

The insert features a hook and loop back with universal gun attachment to secure larger guns on the go. (Photo: Lynx Defense)

On the flip side of the insert is a large ammo pouch outfitted with a draw string and cord lock top. This design safeguards loose ammunition and magazines. Lynx says the ammo pouch works well for shooters at the range who just want to grab a fistful of ammunition for quick reload of mags.

“Our ammo pouch inserts are the latest addition to our modular pistol range bag. This addition is one that many have requested and we are excited to add it to our options for the popular pistol range bag,” Lynx Defense said in a statement.

The Ammo Pouch Insert is available from Lynx Defense with a price tag of $22.

The insert seats inside the company’s Modular Pistol Range Bag. (Photo: Lynx Defense)

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