War Works announces imports of Schmeisser pistols, AR parts from Germany (VIDEO)

Texas-based War Works announced this week they will be the exclusive distributor for Schmeisser products in the U.S., to include a wide range of AR parts and the SLP pistol.

Located in Krefeld, Germany, outside of Düsseldorf, Schmeisser GmbH takes its name from the vaunted family of 19th and 20th-century gun designers and has been in business for over 20 years making a wide range of AR-15 type firearms. In recent years, they have expanded their line to include the Hugo 1911 series of handguns as well as the polymer-framed SLP-9. Exhibited at trade shows for the past few years, the SLP will be imported by War Works in the states for the first time.

“Every Schmeisser firearm part is produced within the strictest German engineering standards,” said Chris Sadler, War Works CEO. “We are proud to partner with Schmeisser as the exclusive U.S. distributor and offer these fine crafted products to our customers.”

The striker-fired SLP-9 uses a polymer frame while the slide and 4.5-inch barrel are machined from stainless steel bars. The 17+1 shot 9mm features a low bore axis and a trigger system that includes a second striker action and a short 3mm reset. Unloaded weight is 26.4-ounces and overall length is 7.3-inches, putting it in the same neighborhood spec-wise as the Glock 19. Schmeisser says the handgun has “an extended 50,000 rounds guarantee on all main parts of the pistol.”

The 17+1 Schmeisser has a low bore axis and comes with a 50,000 round guarantee (Photo: Chris Eger/Guns.com)

No U.S. MSRP as of yet on the SLP-9.

Also set for import, starting in May, are Schmeisser’s AR parts such as compensators and drop in triggers, as well as a line of weapon care products.

(Photo: War Works/Schmeisser)

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