Beretta announces A300 Outlander Sporting Shotgun

The A300 Outlander Sporting Shotgun is designed for entry level clay shooters. (Photo: Beretta)

The A300 Outlander Sporting Shotgun joins Beretta’s lineup of shotguns designed for clay shooting.

Manufactured at Beretta’s Tennessee facility, the 12-gauge A300 Outlander Sporting Shotgun is an entry-level shotgun created for shooters just entering the competitive clay shooting world.

The shotgun features a gas system that runs lighter loads paired with a 30-inch sporting barrel crafted specifically for clay shooting and featuring a wide rib and factory-installed mid-bead.

In addition the gun’s heftier stock aids in reducing felt recoil while the ergonomic pistol grip increases comfort. Aesthetically, the A300 offers clay engravings with orange color fill.

The shotgun features clay engravings. (Photo: Beretta)

“Beretta is proud to introduce the new A300 Outlander Sporting shotgun,” the gun maker said in a press release. “Building on the proven A300 platform, this new competition edition provides the superior reliability needed for the rigors of clay shooting.”

The A300 Outlander Sporting Shotgun ships with three extended MobilChoke Victory choke tubes and retails for $1,100.

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