South Bend police officer shot man out of self-defense, prosecutors say (VIDEO)

Prosecutors in St. Joseph County, Indiana, announced Thursday that the South Bend policeman who shot a 27-year-old man acted in self-defense.

Prosecutor Ken Cotter told reporters that Officer Samuel Chaput opened fire on Terrance Eppenger after Eppenger hit him 10 to 20 times in the head.

“The witnesses actually confirmed it looked like the officer was kind of losing his adrenaline, kind of losing his ability to be able to try to protect himself,” Cotter said. “At that point, (Chaput) believed he was imminently in danger of death.”

Authorities say police received a call about an unwanted person lingering outside of an apartment. Chaput was the first officer to arrive and as he tried to calm Eppenger, but Eppenger attacked him.

Chaput told investigators that he tried to use his Taser on Eppenber, but the way he was pinned down made it impossible. So, he pulled out his firearm and fired one shot.

When backup arrived, both men were taken to the hospital for medical treatment. Chaput has suffered cuts and bruises, but is otherwise ok. Eppenger, on the other hand, remains in critical condition.

[ WNDU ]

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