You aren't going to see these up-armored Land Cruisers and Hiluxes on the dealer lot (VIDEO)

Termed Non-Standard Commercial Vehicles, or NSCVs, by the military, these vehicles are designed to still look like the original, but they have been completely rebuilt.

The above promo video from Battelle shows off what goes on in their 53,000 sq. ft. plant in Ohio, where they take OEM Toyota Hilux, Land Cruiser and Ford SUV and pickup truck platforms and give them a serious makeover. First, everything comes off, then it all goes back on with a layer of 2,000-pounds worth of composite armor sandwiched in as seamlessly as a factory-made moon pie. Then the whole thing gets a beefed-up suspension to make sure it can still move.

Also, the hidden pushbar is pretty sweet.

Battelle started making these discreet protected vehicles in 2008 during the height of overseas involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan and they have sold a bunch of them to include a five-year $170 million contract to SOCOM back in 2016. That award included up to 396 armored Land Cruisers as well as a few hundred unarmored vehicles. A little basic math points you toward the sticker price of these bad boys.

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