Looking at a pair of rare and spicy Kimball .30 Carbine pistols (VIDEO)

While the .30 Carbine is often derided as something of a pipsqueak round for rifles, when you chamber a semi-auto handgun in the same caliber you have a whole list of problems. Ian with Forgotten Weapons sits down with a pair of delayed blowback-action Kimballs including a five-inch Target version and a 3.5-inch Combat model for examination.

Made in Detroit in the 1950s, only a few hundred Kimball .30s were produced and many of those were destroyed due to the healthy recoil of the round they were chambered for. This means that any survivors of these pistols from the Atomic-era are pretty rare, and both of the above are up for auction as C&Rs from Rock Island this month if you are curious.

At one time, they were billed as the “World’s most powerful automatic pistols,” before their lifespan became apparent, so there’s that.

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