Students walk out of class in support of 2nd Amendment (VIDEO)

About 75 students at Rockledge High School in Florida walked out of class Friday to hold a rally in support of gun rights.

Rockledge students Chloe Deaton and Anna Delaney organized the walkout to speak up about Constitutional issues, specifically the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

“We’re out here supporting our Constitution,” Delaney said. “We’re Patriots of this country. We won’t be silenced and we won’t take no for an answer.”

Space Coast Daily reported the student organizers said the walkout earlier in March, which started as a means to memorialize the 17 students and faculty killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, had turned political, with on increased gun restrictions.

Deaton, clad in a T-shirt that read, “My rights don’t end where your feelings begin,” said she learned to fire a gun at age 10 and has both hunted and competed in shooting sports. She said students from other schools, including Stoneman Douglas, planned to attend the pro-gun rally in Rockledge. Deaton, a sophomore, said they cleared the event through official channels but were forced by school administrators to fight to get their voices heard.

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