Are 10 leaf blowers enough to blow a .22LR off course? (VIDEO)

Lining up a gauntlet of Black and Decker electric leaf sweepers rated at 180 mph each, the plucky little .22LR has to endure hurricane-force wind.

Sure, atmospherics such as wind speed, barometric pressure and the Coriolis effect can come into play in extreme long-distance shooting, but what about up-close work?  Using a Savage 62 and some bulk Prime 40-grain ammo, Edwin Sarkissian does a test both with the blowers on and off as a control to see if the point of impact shifts to the windward side.

The results? Underwhelming, but at least it gives you some rocks to throw the next time your buddy says that a 3 mph breeze blew his thuddy-thuddy completely off target at 20 yards. On the flip-side, however, Sarkissian does come up with a repeatable result that shows the same round kick slightly to the right when fired from a shorter pistol barrel with less velocity.

We say bring out a Ransom rest and revisit this in the name of science!

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