Kitfox launches special edition print to benefit TACP Association

The Limited Edition TACP Association Benefit Print will run for just two weeks before disappearing forever. (Photo: Kitfox Design Group)

Kitfox Design Group is offering a limited edition print featuring the 124th Air Support Operations Squadron’s M4 rifle to benefit the TACP Association.

Sara Westman, owner of Kitfox Design Group, partnered with Gypsycabdriver of Instgram to offer the Limited Edition TACP Association Benefit Print. The prints are priced at $35, plus shipping, with availability until mid-April. Westman said the proceeds will help the TACP Association better support its members and families.

“The fundraiser is an effort to raise awareness and funds for the TACP Association who provide direct support for the TACP Community and their families,” Westman told “They assist their community and its families when support is needed the most. This includes scholarships, memorials, traumatic brain injury support and many other needs the TACP Community may find themselves with.”

Kitfox Design Group will also donate a portion of its coloring book sales to benefit TACP. (Photo: Kitfox Design Group)

In addition to selling the limited edition prints, Kitfox Design Group is also giving away the original illustration, professional matted and framed. Anyone who purchases a print will be eligible to win the framed version. The winner will be randomly selection from the list of order numbers and announced on Friday, April 20 at 8 p.m. Eastern via Kitfox’s social media pages.

Kitfox also announced that all proceeds from TACP M4 shirts and 20-percent of the company’s coloring book sales will also be donated to the TACP Association.

The signed and numbered Limited Edition TACP Association Benefit Print is available from Kitfox Design Group’s website.

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