Man accused of killing his mother's boyfriend claims shooting was in self defense

A man accused of killing his mother’s boyfriend in rural California claims the shooting was self-defense.

The attorney for Jacob Burdett said an ongoing family problem reached a boiling point and he shot his mother’s boyfriend, Ryan Prosser, to protect his wife, his seven-month-old baby and himself.

The attorney, Mark Coleman, told local media the incident began when Burdett’s wife was coming home and found a vehicle she didn’t recognize on the side of the road. As she tried to drive around, the driver block her. Burdett’s mother got out of the vehicle, banged on the wife’s car and threatened to kill her.

Back in January, the court granted Burdett and his wife guardianship of his 10-year-old sister. It’s caused countless confrontations and family rifts.

Coleman suggested a fight ensued between Burdett and his mother and Prosser. He said the two beat and physically attacked Burdett. Then, Prosser grabbed a rifle, so Burdett grabbed his gun and fired.

According to reports, Prosser has a long criminal history including charges of felony assault, sex crimes, battery, and drugs. He has spent several years in prison and drug rehabs.

The district attorney said he is awaiting results from Prosser’s autopsy, along with reports from detectives to determine if any charges should be filed.

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