Wisconsin Trigger Company releases HoldZall Target Holding System

The HoldZall Target System can tackle a multitude of target sizes and shapes. (Photo: Wisconsin Trigger Company)

Wisconsin Trigger Company brings target shooters a new means to hold an array of targets with the HoldZall Target Holding System.

The HoldZall Target System features included couplers and straight rods that can be inserted into the ground and then adjusted to the preferred height. Targets, from match sticks to soda bottles, can be inserted into the target holder and secured with a rubber band.

The system comes with rods and couplers to help shooters customize their targeting experience. (Photo: Wisconsin Trigger Company)

The straight rod can be separated further from the target holder, resulting in more movement from the target. According to Wisconsin Trigger Company, on a windier day with a few inches of separation shooters will face a challenging target. The system can hold a bevy of target sizes from small to large, so long as the user can find a rubber band large enough to secure the target.

“From match sticks to beach balls, if you can fit a rubber band around the target item, the HoldZall will hold it,” the Wisconsin Trigger Company said in a news release.

The HoldZall Target Holding System is available from Wisconsin Trigger Company sporting an introductory price of $29.

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