Possibly the ultimate Hi-Point build bubbles to the surface (PHOTOS)

From the threaded barrel and blooptube to the Four Loko cerakote work, Connecticut’s Mad Pig Customs has “No Ragrets” over their Zamak special.

The latest in trailer park tactical, the Mad Pig calls this build “Hater’s Tears” although eyes may roll so hard that optometrists everywhere will be looking at vacation homes.

Drink in this 9mm Hi-Point (it better be a .40) in an ode to the popular (in some circles) high-energy malt beverage though multiple tax stamps would be required to keep the attached (Alpha Dog?) suppressor and underslung LMT 40mm M203 (#nota37mm). The slide cuts and RMR are just a bonus at this point.

Confused on the quote, here you go, nam sayin.

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